A Word from the Principal

Dear Parents,

as your child will take his/her first steps to a journey of learning. Realizing the importance of this transitional period;
we know it is vital to create a nurturing environment where your child will feel loved, comfortable and secure.
As your child settles into their new surroundings, we hope to provide them with a quality education aimed at interactive learning where they will be able to experience life and learning through many hands on activities. Having a Holistic approach to education; we value and celebrate each child’s individuality and uniqueness recognizing they all have their different needs, strengths, personalities and developmental levels.
We invite you to join with us in cooperating to implement our program. Working closely together can give us more opportunity to understand your child and cater to all of his/her needs.
We promise to be fully dedicated to giving our best effort to achieve success. We are here not only to educate, we are here to make a difference.
Kindergarten Principle
Mrs. Manley

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