• We encourage and develop.

  • Technology is an essential tool for 21st century learners. .

  • Healthy environment is great for kids..

Welcome to Smart City American School

At SCS we Strive to be a center of excellence in learning and living. Not only for the duration of your child’s stay in our school, but also beyond our walls. We aim to instill essential qualities and skills in our students for them to be able to harness as tools in order for them to pave their own paths towards success. We aspire to provide our students with a lifelong love of learning to encourage and empower them to achieve their aspirations.

Latest Announcements

admission Open for Academic Year 2017 / 2018

Pre KG up to Grade 12

Next parents meetings

International parents meeting April 20th
National Parents meeting April 22nd

Unisco arabic day

UNISCO arabic day 22nd December

Ministry exams

14 January ministry exams for the National langauge Section