About us


Our Vision is to become a unique and distinctive school in Egypt. We seek to be a school which influences Egypt’s future by producing graduates whose moral and intellectual excellence will make them highly sought after for roles in shaping Egypt’s future place in the world.


To nurture individuals who are good citizens that value their culture, honor their country, and show tolerance and respect for others. To create individuals who will lead effective roles in their own communities and beyond. We seek to empower our students to pursue excellence, opportunity and to be ever challenged to learn and grow in a developing and changing world.
We aim to provide teachers with the necessary training and continuous development to reach their best potential as teachers and the skills for self-evaluation and continuous self-improvement.
School Goals:

  • To value each student and encourage each to establish and achieve high personal goals.
  • To establish ongoing curriculum development where new ideas, new concepts, new information, and new perspectives are synthesized with what is already in place. To provide access to resources for curriculum development to each faculty member.
  • To provide state-of-the-art computer facilities that will provide direct instruction, instructional support, data-gathering and data-analysis capabilities, text and graphics applications, and Internet access for all areas of the curriculum, including computer programming.
  • To maintain a full and active calendar of extracurricular events so that students can engage in skill enhancing, fulfilling activities, both cooperative and competitive.
  • To encourage regular, open communication between school and parents.


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Smart City International School.
We very much look forward to receiving and getting to know your children; we promise to make their year an enjoyable and challenging one.
We at Smart City are aware that only children who feel safe and happy at school can develop in confidence, learn and develop to their full potential.
We shall provide a secure and friendly place where all of our students can feel cared for and valued as individuals.
I personally have been involved in education over the past twenty five years and have learnt that effective education can only result when all involved; teachers, pupils, staff and parents feel a strong sense of belonging to the school community.
We at SCIS are committed to creating a school community within which parents, teachers and students share in each other’s goals and work together in a partnership with mutual aims and benefits.
We very much look forward to our continuous communication and cooperation.
The team of leaders and teachers which we have gathered together will form an experienced, highly devoted and active group of outstanding educators, and together we look forward to teaching, mentoring and guiding our students as they journey through their school years.
effective education must be based on discipline, commitment, dedication and loyalty to oneself, and to other members of the community, so I underline that it is on this basis, and only this basis, that we shall help our children to succeed in their lives and therefore maintain our strength as a school. I am hopeful that parents will endorse our commitment and support our efforts.

Yours Sincerely,
Julie Arnold B.A. (Honors) M.A. Education
National School Principal